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Join an Abundance Manifestation Group

Abundance is a big topic and is the very nature of this life. If you would like to join my WhatsApp 21 day Deepak Chopra Abundance Manifestation meditation group, please click this link. We are on Day 1 of 21 today. The daily mantra and meditation are presented by Deepak Chopra. He is the … Join an Abundance Manifestation Group Read More...

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Online help for alcoholics

Online help for alcoholics and addiction. Alpha provides online help for alcoholics and drug addiction. We believe that addiction treatment should be available to you wherever you are. Online programs fit in easily with your work schedule and other commitments. It’s simple to get drug or alcohol addiction treatment in the comfort of your home … Online help for alcoholics Read More »

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Alcohol abuse and depression

Alcohol Abuse and Working from Home in Covid-19

Alcohol Abuse working from home Alcohol abuse is rife now that people are encouraged to stay home during COVID-19. The WHO has recommended people who can, work remotely from home. I find it difficult to concentrate when my dogs bark, or the doorbell rings. It’s easy to forget to exercise and keep strictly to times … Alcohol Abuse and Working from Home in...

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Alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse in Covid Level 2

BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION About Alcohol Abuse Regularly drinking alcohol too often (alcohol abuse), or drinking excessive amount of alcohol in a short time (binge drinking) can seriously harm your health and relationships. Research shows that alcohol abuse and binge drinking increases your risk of early death, conditions such as heart and liver disease, and … Alcohol abuse in Covid Level 2 Read...

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finding your truth

Finding Our Own Truth

It does not help us if those we love find their truth. They cannot give it to us. It does not help if someone we love knows a particular truth in our life. We must discover our truth for ourselves. We must each discover and stand in our own light.

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Death of an addict

Dying Clean and Sober, No Regrets

I’ve prayed for death #p4d many times. I have experienced the horrors of addiction, desperation, hopelessness. My mental illness and addiction have tipped me into the abyss. It was not my time. I came out of a coma after 8 days and felt useless for not even getting suicide right.

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Drinking in the Workplace

Sara knew she drank too much. After years of struggling, she decided she needed help. She admitted she was dependent on alcohol and started seeing a counselor.

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