Alpha Treatment offers many solutions for addiction, specifically fitting each individual’s needs. 

  • When drugs and alcohol have stopped working to numb the “big, daunting feelings” and reality starts to sink in.
  • Addicts become tolerant of substances and because of this, the quantities increase, in the hopes of getting the same relief that the first few hits helped us get.
  • The problems don’t go away, the addict does,  by withdrawing from society, preferring his or her own company, isolated and insulated against the harshness of everyday life.

There are many ways to treat addiction, and no one particular way works for each and every alcoholic and addict.

Alpha Treatment and Support offers many addiction solutions, specifically fitting each individual’s needs. Not everyone is cut out for residential rehab. Granted, it’s very helpful, but many times it’s just not practical to pack up and escape day to day responsibilities to book into a residential rehab clinic for a month or longer.

Online Counselling for Addiction


Online Addiction and Family Support Counselling Platform Worldwide.

We change the way people get help, facing life’s challenges by providing convenient, discreet and affordable access to a qualified therapist. Alpha Online makes professional counselling available anytime, anywhere, through a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Online Therapy is the digital-age version of counseling services. It is a more affordable, convenient and discrete method of receiving therapy.

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An Outpatient Program is the perfect way for the busy person who wants to beat drug addiction or alcoholism, but doesn’t have the time or luxury of booking in for inpatient rehab.

Outpatient programs accommodate your work commitments and busy lifestyle. The minimum term is 6 weeks, however 12 weeks is recommended and can build a much stronger foundation of recovery.

The sessions are either 3 times a week or over weekends, this all depends on your history and current situation. In addition to this there are family/partner sessions three times during the period. From our experience, the longer the term/treatment the better the sustainable quality of sobriety and most favourable outcome.

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This is the first part of your Addiction Recovery. It means booking in and staying in a rehab, getting medical attention for detoxing from drugs or alcohol. Rehabs offer three to six weeks of treatment.

The first week is usually the most difficult because the body and mind are not used to not having the substances that were abused.

Primary care rehab is helpful for people who try, but cannot stop using drugs or alcohol on their own.


Secondary Addiction Treatment addresses behaviours, and Halway Houseunderlying emotional problems, that take the person back to active addiction.It’s where a recovering person can practice the tools they need to stay away from drugs or alcohol.   

In Secondary addiction treatment sessions focus on underlying traumas, beliefs and unhealthy habits. The program encourages the individual to begin taking responsibility for their own recovery in an environment where mistakes will not lead to relapse.

It’s a safe (drug and alcohol free) environment and encourages people in recovery to participate in everyday activities. The Living House provides a supportive and comfortable base from which people can live comfortably in a safe environment and start to take steps back to normal life.

Secondary treatment is between 1 month – 6months


It’s recommended that the longer you stay in a sober environment, the better your chances of remaining free of drugs and alcohol. Many successful and happy clients speak highly of their wonderful experiences in 12 Step Halfway Houses with solid boundaries.

Recovery is not about not using drugs, and a long period of abstinence does not equal success – Recovery is about coping with daily activities.

At Alpha our counselors have been where addicts are, in their agony.This is how we relate so well to people who are Addicted to Drugs and / or Alcohol, we are them and have been where they are, in their agony.Read More