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Why do an Outpatient Program?

What is a Outpatient Program?

An Outpatient Program is the perfect way for the busy person who wants to beat drug addiction or alcoholism, but doesn’t have the time or luxury of booking in for inpatient rehab. Outpatient programs accommodate your work commitments and busy lifestyle. The minimum term is 6 weeks, however 12 weeks is recommended and can build a much stronger foundation of recovery.

The sessions are either 3 times a week or over weekends, this all depends on your history and current situation. In addition to this there are family/partner sessions three times during the period. From our experience, the longer the term/treatment the better the sustainable quality of sobriety and most favourable outcome.

Outpatient programs offer individual, one on one, 12 step coaching, coupled with lifestyle and wellness skills.  Throughout the course of your treatment you will work side by side with your allocated addiction counselor.

Outpatients provides a safe and nurturing space where addicts and alcoholics can begin mending lives torn apart by alcohol and drugs and other obsessive disorders.

Outpatient is for those who do not require around-the-clock medical care and attention, and who need the flexibility of being able to work around their existing schedules and obligations. Outpatient programs cost less than residential treatment programs.

Who is a perfect candidate for Outpatient Programs?

If you’re not severely dependent on drugs,  the outpatient drug rehab program is a good option. Outpatient treatment programs are good for people who do not require medical detox or 24-hour care and supervision during treatment and who also have a supportive and healthy home environment.

The twelve steps is the backbone of recovery. Since 1935, nothing has proven as effective as the 12 Steps in the field of addiction and recovery.

Relapse prevention (we prefer to call it Sobriety Maintenance) and educational programs are also part of outpatient drug rehab.  Group and individual therapy sessions are typically part of all addiction treatment programs.

Outpatient Therapies include, DBT (Dialectic Behavioural Therapy) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT):

Individuals will explore how thoughts and behaviors are connected and work to improve negative behavior patterns by modifying the way they think. Tools to help you self soothe are taught, for those times you feel triggered or out of control, and tempted to use or drink.

  • We give interesting  presentations to explain why addiction is a disease (dis-ease).
  • We encourage 12-Step or peer support groups.
  • We nurture and support you through the process so that you complete goals.
  • Participation is three times per week for 6/12 weeks. Either evenings or daytime, to suit your needs.

Treatment & Support options

ALPHA offers a Free Assessment to determine which treatment option is best suited for you. We assess your unique situation to point you to the most effective solutions for your specific needs.

It’s time for you to Live your Best Life. With our help, you can kick the habit!

We provide Online Support & Counselling for people at all stages of help seeking:
  • For first time help seekers
  • For people waiting for treatment
  • For people in treatment that require additional support, particularly after hours
  • For people who have completed treatment and want to stay on track
  • For people in recovery wanting to connect with others or prevent relapse
  • For people supporting a significant other with a drug and alcohol problem (Families, friends)
We assess your unique situation and help you to choose the most effective solutions for your specific needs.

We are offering a FREE 20 Minute session to determine the best solutions for your specific needs.

There is no “Perfect Time” to start getting knowledgeable about addiction. 

Don’t overthink it, Just Do It !