This is the first part of your Addiction Recovery. It means booking in and staying in a rehab, getting medical attention for detoxing from drugs or alcohol. Rehabs offer three to six weeks of treatment.

The first week is usually the most difficult because the body and mind are not used to not having the substances that were abused.

Primary care rehab is helpful for people who try, but cannot stop using drugs or alcohol on their own.

Its advisable to go into a Secondary Treatment after primary care as secondary address more behavioural and emotional underlying problems that may exist.

Treatment & Support options

We provide Online Support & Counselling for people at all stages of help seeking:
  • For first time help seekers
  • For people waiting for treatment
  • For people in treatment that require additional support, particularly after hours
  • For people who have completed treatment and want to stay on track
  • For people in recovery wanting to connect with others or prevent relapse
  • For people supporting a significant other with a drug and alcohol problem (Families, friends)
We assess your unique situation and help you to choose the most effective solutions for your specific needs.

We are offering a FREE 20 Minute session to determine the best solutions for your specific needs.

There is no “Perfect Time” to start getting knowledgeable about addiction. 

Don’t overthink it, Just Do It !