What is an Intervention

An intervention is as simple as arranging a face to face meeting with the addict or alcoholic, with family members and an addiction counselor, to address the addiction and get the addict or alcoholic treatment to overcome the drug or alcohol problem.

Managing addiction in the workplace through a specialised independent assessor

  • Assessing
  • Identifying
  • Treating

Alpha Treatment’s focus is a long term life style, professional and social reintegration  as opposed to looking at a quick fix.

The role of Alpha Treatment is to facilitate the relationship between the various role players and to identify the relationship behaviour problems that exist.

Alpha Drug treatment interventionsGenerally there is a co-dependent behaviour between the family and the addict which needs to be addressed so that  the family can detach from the addict behaviour and thereby help the addict  take responsibility and ultimately manage his/her illness.  On the flip side of the coin, when the family member is employed at the company and their productivity is compromised through another family member or spouse, Alpha treatment will provide support in dealing with such a relationship and help the family detach and cope with the problem.

Work Place
In the work place our goal is to get the addict to take responsibility and be accountable. We looking at containing the problem, confronting it and ultimately finding a solution. Referrals are normally done by line managers, HR, H&S that are involved with healthcare, productivity and attendance. This also includes referrals from on-site clinics, nurses and doctors.

The  primary  goal  of  the program is to inform, empower and provide employees with the skills to take ownership of their addiction problem.

Our program is a holistic approach to the epidemic drug problem we have in our society and work environment. When implemented it will leads to a more efficient and productive environment in the work place and will  deliver a measurable return for the organisation.

Treatment & Support options

We provide Online Support & Counselling for people at all stages of help seeking:
  • For first time help seekers
  • For people waiting for treatment
  • For people in treatment that require additional support, particularly after hours
  • For people who have completed treatment and want to stay on track
  • For people in recovery wanting to connect with others or prevent relapse
  • For people supporting a significant other with a drug and alcohol problem (Families, friends)
We assess your unique situation and help you to choose the most effective solutions for your specific needs.

We are offering a FREE 20 Minute session to determine the best solutions for your specific needs.

There is no “Perfect Time” to start getting knowledgeable about addiction. 

Don’t overthink it, Just Do It !