Welcome to Alpha Drug & Alchol Support

I Am the Face of an Addict

Alpha Treatment and Support was founded by, and is run by Colleen Muskat. Colleen is in addiction recovery herself and has been clean and sober for over 8 years, 9 months as of January 2020.

In that time Colleen has dedicated her life and helped countless alcoholics, addicts and family and friends affected by the scourge of addiction. 

Colleen is a qualified Level 3 Addiction Counselor with over 6000 hours.

Drug Addiction affects productivity in every aspect of society. Drug & Alcohol Addiction does not discriminate and affects every demographic. Nobody can predict who is suffering until it happens to you. 

Alpha Drug & Alcohol Treatment help sddicts, families of addicts and alcoholics cope before, during and after Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation. We cut through the stigma around substance misuse and address “difficult drug and alcoholism situations at work and home” discreetly and professionally

Anonymity is assured. We respect your privacy and we treat each unique situation with sensitivity. 


Providing Accessible Affordable and Convenient Counseling, so anybody who struggles with Addiction or Alcoholism can get Help Online.”

What is “a drug addict” and Who is an “alcoholic”?

Simply, an alcoholic or drug addict is a person who desperately tries to stop drinking or taking drugs, but can’t. Drugs refer to substance misuse, including alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse is common with drug addiction.

We urge you to act immediately, we’ll step in and assess then arrange recovery rehabilitation with professional, caring and discreet help.